Santa Catalina is a small village nestled in a lush green valley with some of Panama best waves. The area attracts many travellers and offer a good combination between a healthy lifestyle and good parties.

There are many activities to enjoy during your vacation.

Surfing: Panama has surfing beaches on both the Atlantic and Pacific sides of the country. On the Atlantic Side, Bocas del Toro is a favourite but waves are consistent mostly between December and March. If you want to secure your surfing, the best surfing conditions are on the Pacific side. 

Diving: With a deserted archipelago of untouched beaches in the Caribbean north and the wild Pacific to the south, Panama offers one of the most complex marine ecosystems in the world. The Coiba National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site made up of 38 islands. This is where divers will find the BIG stuff: humpback whales, hammerhead sharks, whale-sharks and orcas as well as over 700 species of fish!

Fishing: the indigenous meaning of Panama is “abudant fish”. It is a fact that more world records are held for fish caught in Panama waters that anywhere else in the world.

Birding: Panama is home to approximately 950 species of birds – more that the toll of species found in all the rest of North America. The top birding spots are easily accessible and every average traveller is expected to see at least 20 different types of bird during their trip.

Hiking: the rain forests of Panama offer an unparalleled opportunity for eco-hikes. Parks and forests near our locations are abundant in flora and fauna. There are wild primitive areas of forest and jungle. Besides monkeys, birds and orchids, you might be lucky enough to meet sloth bears, marine turtles, little jaguars (do not worry, they are way more scared than you and will escape from your sight).

Sailing: Panama is a great sailing area and is a frequent destination for sailors. From Santa Catalina you can reach the wild island of Coiba by boat for a daily trip. Our lessons are scheduled to let you enough time to come back and reach our school.

Photography: Obviously a country so rich in natural beauty grants photographers a wealth of opportunity! Grab your camera and give space to your creativity.

Rafting, Kayaking and Zip-lining: if you are an adventurer, there are numerous activities waiting for you!