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I took 2 weeks of private Spanish lessons with Angela and can say she is one of the best teachers for any subject I have ever had. She assessed my level and came to each class prepared with a variety of activities that used different learning styles. She incorporated poetry, music, conversations with locals, and local history. I’ve also had the opportunity to sit in on adult English classes she teaches to meet more Spanish speakers and listen to the language…Angela really provides value to her students beyond the 1.5 hrs a day you are in class.

Kaitlyn- Alaska, USA

Angela is very flexible, I wrote to her the day I arrived and she arranged two lessons without problem. Really nice that she was able to customize the lessons so they would suit my level and my time.Also think it’s super cool that the money paid for Spanish lessons is used for financing English lessons for locals!

Ellen- Germany

Angela is by far the best Spanish teacher I’ve had. Her way of explaining the grammar really deepened my understanding of the language. I love how passionate she is about what she does, it’s really motivating as a student. Beyond that she’s just a wonderful, positive human being that you want to be around

Ashley- Canada

It was great and Angela focused on teaching the very basics to be able to communicate and start a conversation. If i would have stayed longer I‘d definitely taken more lessons.

Livia- Switzerland