Our classes are designed for travellers that want to combine a great vacation with some serious learning. We want you to have a blast while learning Spanish in the most effective yet affordable way.

Our “SIGNATURE COURSE” involves conversations with locals, games, music, street challenges and much more and is intended for beginners that want to create a solid basis of Spanish. Classes also include the opportunity to volunteer on local community projects.

Classes run from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm every day from Monday to Friday and cover different topics that are designed to help travellers during their journey.

Monday Make a Connection
  • Understand cultural dynamics that influence language
  • Make introductions and tell where we’re from
  • Tell how we feel
  • Use Panamanian slang and small talk
  • Meet a local
Tuesday Taste and Enjoy
  • Learn about typical Panamanian food
  • Ask questions about a menu and order food
  • Talk about foods we like and dislike
  • Order food in Spanish in a local restaurant
Wednesday Go Places
  • Ask questions about transportation and times
  • Use directions to find different locations
  • Talk about where we’re going and what we will do in the future
  • Explore different locations in Santa Catalina
Thursday Move and Discover
  • Tell others what we like to do
  • Discuss outdoor activities, nature, and animals
  • Learn what locals like to do
Friday Describe Your Experience
  • Use adjectives to describe people, places, things
  • Talk about the date that things occur
  • Describe our experience in Santa Catalina

Find the program that fits you best:

  • Flexible – 1 drop in class – $ 35 
  • Intermediate – 3 classes in a week – $ 100
  • Full course (Mon-Fri)  5 classes – $ 150

To reserve your class e-mail us at panamaspanishschool@gmail.com.

Remember: a portion of each class fee is donated TO LOCAL EDUCATION PROJECTS to teach English to local children and adults. 

For long time travellers, intermediate speakers or people interested in longer programs, affordable personalised options are available. Contact us at panamaspanishschool@gmail.com