There are several reasons to choose Panama for your next vacation!

  • Panama offers an incredible natural diversity: rain forests, flowery mountain slopes, hillside coffee plantations, sandy beaches. Nature here is simply mind-blowing.
  • Its people are friendly and of good humour.
  • Panama’s recreational activities are world class, as its waves.
  • It is easily accessible. Airlines offer affordable flight from the US and major European cities.
  • It is considered one of the four safest places in the modern world and has the best roads in Central America
  • Panama’s climate is perpetual spring time, around 74 degree Fahrenheit the whole year.
  • You can use US dollars
  • It is still a less-known country with a low tourist rate.
  • It is not endangered by hurricane and volcanoes activities as is it located far outside the paths of Caribbean and Pacific hurricanes. There has never been a hurricane hitting the country and its Volcan Baru has been inactive since hundreds of years.
  • Shots or inoculations are not required and medical facilities are excellent.