Welcome to Panama Spanish School where learning facilitates connection, volunteering opportunities, and social change in the local community of Santa Catalina, Panama. Get ready to learn Spanish and a new culture while benefiting the local community!

At Panama Spanish School we believe that learning should be a natural and incredible journey. We will teach you a new language through interaction with locals, music, games, street challenges and volunteering experiences. These are the ingredients of our unconventional learning program.

We also want to bring change through the power of learning, creating a permanent impact in Santa Catalina. Each class finances English lessons for local children and adults, bridging the communication gap between local communities and travellers.

X Change: Learning for Change

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Our mission is to inspire love for nature and a sense of stewardship in all travellers.

X Change offers its visitors an enchanting and harmonious experience while helping local communities. We are a group of friends from different horizons who love the ocean, a natural lifestyle and making an impact.

Starting from Panama, we want to share these concepts with travellers, showing them how is easy to make an impact. We love to make people feel part of our community while listening to each other stories, as in the end we are all travellers discovering another piece of the world.


At X Change Panama Spanish School we want everyone to fully appreciate the beauty of this amazing country through the power of learning.

We want to teach our student a new language through the interaction with the local community, exposure to the new culture, street challenges, and volunteering experiences.

We also want to create a permanent impact for the local community. A portion from the fee of each class is destined to to finance English lessons for local children and adults. Teaching English can change lives, increasing employability, unlocking opportunities and giving access to information.

Be part of this incredible change!


There are several reasons to choose Panama for your next vacation!

  • Panama offers an incredible natural diversity: rain forests, flowery mountain slopes, hillside coffee plantations, sandy beaches. Nature here is simply mind-blowing.
  • Its people are friendly and of good humour.
  • Panama’s recreational activities are world class, as its waves.
  • It is easily accessible. Airlines offer affordable flight from the US and major European cities.
  • It is considered one of the four safest places in the modern world and has the best roads in Central America
  • Panama’s climate is perpetual spring time, around 74 degree Fahrenheit the whole year.
  • You can use US dollars
  • It is still a less-known country with a low tourist rate.
  • It is not endangered by hurricane and volcanoes activities as is it located far outside the paths of Caribbean and Pacific hurricanes. There has never been a hurricane hitting the country and its Volcan Baru has been inactive since hundreds of years.
  • Shots or inoculations are not required and medical facilities are excellent.


We are located in wonderful Santa Catalina, inside VillaVento Hostal.
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